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Winco Easylift – The Gas Springs Specialist since 1980.
Gas Springs

Gas Springs

We specialize in a wide range of types & versions: Gas springs, Tension springs, Lockable springs or Lockable Tension springs, as well as a variety of combinations.

Connecting Parts

Besides Gas Springs we can of course also offer you all type of connecting parts. From Eyes, Clevises to Hinge Heads, Available in Steel, Stainless Steel or plastic.

Replace your Gas Spring

Do you have another brand Gas Spring and need to replace it for a Winco Easylift Gas Spring? We can offer you all type of replacement Spring.

With more than 35 years of experience, Winco Easylift in Oldenzaal is the renowned supplier of gas springs and related products in the Netherlands and far beyond. We specialize in a wide range of different types and versions: Gas springs, Gas tension springs, Lockable gas springs or Blockable gas tension springs, as well as a variety of combinations.

Winco EasyLift Gas Springs provide a reliable and efficient solution for all your lifting needs. Our gas springs are built to last and offer easy installation as well as smooth and consistent operation. With a range of sizes and configurations, our gas springs can be tailored to meet your specific application requirements. Whether you need them for industrial, automotive, or furniture applications, our products are guaranteed to provide superior performance and reliability. Choose Winco EasyLift Gas Springs for quality and value that you can

You can also choose from a wide range of operating and mounting materials for every application. Our experienced team is also happy to assist you with advice and action so that you can make the right decisions in order to make your project succeed.

Our (Industrial) Gas Spring and Products capabilities include:

  • Technical advice using our installation calculation program.
  • Delivery of any desired design, length and strength within the technical possibilities.
  • Delivery times tailored to customer needs.
  • Continuous product development.

Of course, you can always contact us for additional information regarding our products and / or services. If you need on-site advice, we would also be happy to visit you for direct advice.

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Request Quote We supply our Gas Springs to a wide range of customers. To both private and industrial customers. No minimum purchase quantity required. For Resellers or higher quantity request we can offer special discounted prices.