How does a Gas Spring work?

How does a Gas Spring work and how should you mount gas springs? For which applications are there gas springs and what do you use a gas spring for? We try to inform you about these questions as well as possible. If you have any questions, we can of course be reached by telephone and/or e-mail.


What is a Gas Spring:

A gas spring consists of a cylinder with a piston rod, whereby gas is compressed in the cylinder and thus provides a resilient effect. A valve in the piston ensures that the movement is damped. There are basically two types of gas springs:

Gas Spring: The Gas Spring ( also knows as ) Strut is most commonly used. It is normally extended and requires a force to push the gas spring.
Gas pull spring: With a gas pull spring, force is needed to extend it.

Some gas springs are lockable. The piston rod is then hollow, and a valve in the piston can be opened with a rod through the hollow piston rod. An example of a lockable gas spring is with an office chair. An unblockable gas spring is for example at the tailgate of cars.

How to mount a Gas Spring:

You can actually easily replace a gas spring and mount a new spring yourself. There are, however, a number of things that you should definitely take into account. Below we would like to give you a number of tips for mounting gas springs.

A gas spring can be used for many different things and customization is often desired. We are happy to assist you in order to provide you with the best possible service and to ensure that you can order the right gas spring.
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how to mount a gas spring
calculate gas spring

Calculate your Gas Spring:

How do you calculate a custom gas spring? How many Newtons of force do I need? Finding the right gas spring can sometimes be difficult and in many cases must be calculated per situation. In order to be able to select the right gas spring for your application, a calculation will have to be carried out. We are happy to be of service to you for this. We need a number of data for this and we have a special configurator that we use.

Customization of gas springs is a specialism of Winco Easylift.

Applications for Gas Springs:

Gas springs have many different applications and uses. Gas springs are often used in the furniture industry, interior construction, machine construction, maritime sector, boat construction, food industry, automotive industry and medical sector. The applications are endless. In everyday life you will find gas springs in the tailgate of the car, wheelie bin conversion, office chair, tailgates, etc…

With many uses, gas springs must be calculated to measure. We are happy to be of service to you for this. Customization of gas springs is a specialism of Winco.

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code on gas spring

Code on a Gas Spring:

In order to be able to offer a gas spring, we need to know a number of specifications. The specifications are usually stated in a code as on the gas spring. If you need a replacement gas spring and there is a sticker on the gas spring, you can easily send it to us. If the gas spring does not have a code, we have a simple order form online for you.

But what does the data on my gas spring actually mean?