Gas Springs FAQ

Gas Springs FAQ: In this section you will find an overview of frequently asked questions about Winco and our springs and connections.

Do you have questions on our gas springs or would you like to contact our customer service? Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail or contact us personally. You reach us from Monday till Friday between 08:30 and 17:00 (GMT)

Gas Springs FAQHow long is the delivery time? – The delivery time for our springs is around 1 week. For larger quantities and special productions, we advice you to cntact us to see what is possible.

Can a gas spring be returned? – We normally produce our springs to order so it is not possible to return gas springs.

Do gas springs require maintenance? – No, gas springs are maintenance-free. If neccesarry you can clean springs with water.

How long is the service life of a Winco Gas Springs – The general service life of our springs is between 10,000 and 100,000 strokes (1x retraction and extension) depending on the type of gas springs.

Can a gas spring be repaired? – This depends on a number of things. What needs to be repaired, how old are the springs etc… Normally we do not repair a spring but we advice you to contact us in case a spring is not working anymore. We will check together with you what is wrong and how this can be solved.

What are gas springs filled with? – Gas springs consist of a precision rod attached to a piston, moving within a sealed cylinder containing pressurized nitrogen gas and oil

Where can I find the Safety Data Sheet for Winco Gas Springs? – You can download or view our Safety Data Sheet here

What temperature can a gas spring withstand? – The temperature range within a gas springs depends on which spring but we can make springs that can withstand temperatures between -40 and +200C.

What is the correct way to install gas springs? – Gas springs should be installed with the piston rod downward, and tension springs with the piston rod upward.

What is the right way to store gas springs? – We can deliver springs from our own stock and therefor we advice you, if you can, not to keep gas springs in own storage. If you need to springs should be stores the same way as they are installed ( see above ). If they are stored correctly no pressure losses are likely. Please note that the products should not be stored for longer than 1 year.

Is it possible to adjust the force on a gas spring ? – Yes, if your gas spring has a valve it is possible to adjust the force.

Can I as a private customer also purchase gas springs at Winco? – Yes, we supply to both private and industrial customers. No minimum purchase quantity required.

Do you have special springs for food- or medical industry ? – Yes. For special applications in the medical industry, the chemicals and food industry and in ship and yacht construction we can offer you high-quality stainless steel springs. These springs are rust-free and resistant to chemicals.

Are you missing any Gas Springs FAQ? Or have a very specific question about our Gas Spring or products please be so kind to contact us through our contact form below.