Tension Gas Springs

Here below you can choose and order your specific Tension Gas Spring. We have the most commonly requested springs mentioned below and should also have them in stock. If you desire a different and / or custom type of spring you can easily request your custom spring here.

If you want more information about type of Tension Gas Springs you can have a look at our Specific Tension Gas Spring page ( opens new window ).

Choose your Tension Gas Spring:


Lockable springs

A Lockable Spring basically works in the same way as a standard gas spring, but can be blocked continuously in any position.
Gas Springs

Gas Springs

The most commonly used type of Gas Springs.Used. Easily control all type of lifting. Minimal effort and used in many industires.

Lockable Tension Spring

This spring is mostly used to balance a weight. In the normal position, the piston rod of the gas pressure spring is always extended.